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Official Sponsor of Mark Adams Basketball

We created POINT 3 because ballplayers have specific needs for their gear. More than just baggy shorts and sneakers endorsed by a well paid athlete, basketball gear needs to perform. It needs to be Made for Basketball®. Featuring our patent pending DRYV® Moisture Control Technology, POINT 3 will help keep you dry on the court.

Official Sponsor of Mark Adams Basketball

Deuce® is a company that is based on making products that help athletes look good and play good. Founded in 2009 and launched in 2010 with a goal to create functional lifestyle athletic gear with a focus on wrist wear.  We have taken one simple idea of creating a functional wrist band that can be worn from your board to the court.  Our staple products are our two silicone sports watches: The Original and the G2. Deuce® Sport Watches are fashionable, light weight, water resistant and customizable. We are partners with the NBA, NCAA and are worn on the wrists of athletes across the globe.

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